Are you a first time or experienced home buyer?
Most first time home buyers are afraid of the unknowns of homeownership, like what hidden costs will I have to pay or is buying the right thing to do now. Everyone you know wants to offer you advice sometimes good and sometimes very bad advice. It is important that you listen to the professionals first and then listen to your friends and family. Many first time buyers have walked away from a great house because someone they knew talked them out of it because of a previous bad experience. Not every deal goes perfect because some things are out of every one's control. 

The key word for first time home buyers is EXPECTATIONS. It is very important to let your broker know what your expectations are about the home buying process and then be open minded if your broker says that your expectations are unrealistic. There needs to be a happy medium between the buyer and the agent. For example, a buyer can not expect the broker to show them homes that they can not afford or show homes to them 7 days a week or on a moments notice. A buyer should not expect that a seller will take the first offer a buyer gives or accept a low offer because the home has been on the market for a while. It is very important and healthy for the buyer and broker to have basic ground rules as to what they can expect from each other. 

Experienced buyers usually know what they can spend or afford, know for the most part where and what they want in a house, but need the guidance of an experienced broker to help find the house and close the deal with little or no problems as possible. 

Experienced brokers either working with a first time buyer or the experienced buyers bring many things to the table ie:
  • Awareness of market conditions
  • Knowledge of the area
  • Contract negotiation skills
  • An understanding and assistance with financing
  • Supply names of moving companies
  • Supply names of home inspectors
  • Supply names of title companies
  • Arrange temporary housing if necessary
  • Line up contractors for minor or major work
The list can go on and on. Regency agents can and do deliver the experience necessary to get the job done time and time again. That's our Pledge, Promise, and Mission.