Why choose a Regency Realty Group agent?
Regency Realty Group Agents have a thorough knowledge of the area they work in. Our Agents have a superb understanding of the current market conditions, current inventory, and marketability of property in the area they work in. Truly, the number one key to listing a property for sale is knowing and understanding the HIGHEST AND BEST USE of the property. Highest and best use means the use that will return the highest return from the market. For example, a single family home in a commercial zone might be best marketed as a commercial property instead of a residential property. 

Real Estate that is incorrectly marketed could cost the seller thousands in lost profits and keep a property on the market longer then normal market time, also costing the seller money in extra taxes and mortgage payments. 

When a property is listed for sale, the price needs to be low enough to prevent the seller from pricing it out of the market, but not to low to prevent the seller from leaving money behind. 

Regency Agents take the time to compare your property to similar properties recently sold and properties currently still on the market, comparing:
  • Location
  • Size
  • Condition
  • Age
  • Acreage
  • Amenities
  • Current market conditions
  • Time on market
  • List to sale price
All of theses factors help create a value range in which a listing price can be chosen.